Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance annually and their theme this year ‘Reach Out’, came about following consultation with teachers and children who wanted something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes.  Bullying affects millions of lives and can leave feelings of hopelessness and, quite rightly as the Alliance notes, it does not have to be this way, if we challenge all instances of bullying, we can make changes for the good for everyone – it starts by reaching out to others.

The Junior Travel Ambassadors, known here as JTAs, wrote to you recently about the second important national week – Road Safety Week.  This important week is organised each year by the charity Brake and ‘Safe Roads for All’ was this year’s theme.  Like the charity itself, our JTAs are committed to sharing important road safety messages as it is shocking how many young children are killed or seriously injured on roads each year.  With this in mind, the JTAs led a powerful assembly to reinforce road safety practices – for example always find a safe place to cross roads, use the think, stop, look and listen, wait, look and listen again, the mantra of the Green Cross Code to check it is absolutely safe before attempting to cross and always walk, never run when crossing a road.  Do have a conversation with your child / children to see if they can tell you more about either of these national initiatives.

Congratulations to the following pupils:  Sebastian (Reception) for achieving Learn to Swim Level 1, Willem (Year 1) for his Playball Star trophy, Aran (Year 1) for his Star Pupil Award in Choi Kwang Do and gaining a yellow belt following his grading, Harry (Year1) for taking part in the Paula Radcliffe’s Families on Track race, contributing 1500m of his families 10k total and finally Adam (Year 2) for receiving a medal for his performance at rugby, where he scored many tries, showing his great focus and determination.


This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Aran (Year 1) for using beautiful manners EVERY day – he never needs to be reminded!


and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:  Rubah for being extremely kind and helpful to his friends.

Year 1: Willem for exceptional effort across all areas of the curriculum.

Reception: Harris for working hard to learn his sight words and for fabulous reading!