We made for a colourful sight processing through Carlisle Park to join in with the whole school costume parade; this was a first for us, and though a little chilly to say the least, great fun was had by all, as you will see from the photos below.  As you’d imagine a vast range of book related activities were undertaken here in Pre-Prep, together with plenty of time spent just browsing, enjoying and talking about books, authors and illustrators.  Years 1 and 2 also enjoyed an inaugural ‘Big World Book Day Quiz’ which saw the four houses competing against one another to showcase their knowledge of books!

Keeping on the theme of books, Reception loved their visit to Hampton Library on Tuesday – you will hear more about their visit from Miss Johnston, Year 2 were thrilled by their visit to the Roald Dahl museum (Mrs Leissle will explain more in the Year 2 round up), and likewise Kindergarten, Reception and Year 1 delighted in meeting a real author today.  Alison Simpson explained her pathway to becoming an author and the importance of her pet dog, Bodhi, in her stories.

I know you will have seen letters about World Book Day from here and the Prep, so I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know you still have plenty of time to take part in our competition.  Slightly different from previous years, we are encouraging a whole family approach this year with our ‘freeze frame’ scene from a well-known book.  We are hoping for a fabulous display of re-enacted scenes from favourites – please don’t be shy, do consider entering and you may well win a prize!

One last thing to mention, School Council’s Krispy Kreme fund raiser went down a treat on Wednesday – thank you to all School Councillors and Mrs Lutz for making this possible.  Safe to say, we loved it.

The recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge this week, Harris (Reception) for consistent and excellent polite behaviour, and always following the Golden Rules.

and Stars of the Week went to the following pupils:

Year 2: Christo for trying his best every single day.  What a great learner you are, Christo!

Year 1: Harry for brilliant effort in reading this week.

Reception: Henry H for working hard in all his work – we were especially impressed by his writing this week!

Many congratulations to Frank (Year 2) who received a medal for his good sportsmanship.

Have a super weekend!