It was lovely to welcome Sarah May from Shooting Star Children’s Hospices to our assembly yesterday, where the children proudly shared that they had raised a further £160 as a result of the Big Picnic Lunch at the end of last term.  We enjoyed hearing how donations like ours are used to equip their hospices with different specialised resources to support the children and their families – musical instruments, art equipment to maintaining the hydrotherapy pool at the correct temperature, which incidentally is a whopping £2,000 for just 3 months.  Safe to say Sarah was extremely grateful to the whole of the HPP&P community for their collective fund raising efforts this year and wrote the following: ‘Such lovely children with their brilliant answers and thoughtful questions! Quite touched my heart.’

New House and Vice Captains for the summer term have been announced this week and they were duly awarded with their badges by Mr Smith – they are as follows:

Lancaster (Red):  Ollie (House Captain) and Maxwell (Vice Captain)

Windsor (Yellow): Rubah (House Captain) and Ahana (Vice Captain)

York (Green): Frank (House Captain) and Alex (Vice Captain)

Tudor (Blue):  Adam (House Captain) and Bertie (Vice Captain)

It was a first this week as we had joint winners of the courtesy cup, both share ownership of the cup for the week ahead and not one but two badges were awarded!  Ethan and Lucas (both Reception) received recognition for being spotted being so polite to our cooks, taking the time to visit them at serving hatch, completely of their own volition, to thank them for their delicious meals.  Small gestures make such a huge difference to the recipients – Mandy and Amy were thrilled, as were the teachers who observed this lovely interaction.

Stars of the Week went to the following pupils:

Year 2: Julian for taking such pleasure and interest in each and every lesson.  What incredible knowledge you share so willingly, Julian.

Year 1: Charlie for excellent effort when writing his giraffe fact file. We think you are a giraffe expert!

Reception: Tristan for all round effort this week – keep up the good work.

As you know, we love to celebrate the children’s achievements, including those that have taken place out of school and what a busy Easter break it has been!  Kit (Year 2) was recognised for his excellent endeavours in a rugby tournament.  Adam (Year 2) took part in the same and was similarly awarded with a certificate and medal but also achieved his blue belt in karate. Murtaza (Year 2) also advanced from red belt in karate to blue belt.  Akshen (Year 1) achieved Stage 3 Swim Award and Arthur (Year 1) has gained karate level 2 white and blue belt.   In judo, Harris (Reception) has received his red belt.  What a talented bunch we have here in Pre-Prep, many congratulations to all.

Finally, a quick reminder some children here have severe allergies; therefore, please do select any birthday treats with extreme care. Whilst we never allow the children to eat such treats on the school premises, it is vitally important that listed ingredients are checked very carefully, avoiding nuts, including traces of nuts, at all costs.

Have a super weekend!