The 12 days of giving initiative is well underway; we have been thrilled to see the carefully decorated baubles arriving at school to adorn our tree outside.  Reading the wishes written upon them is just delightful and heart-warming at the same time. It was also lovely to see some of the letters written this week as part of this project, however, please do feel free to post your child’s letter off to the intended recipient – after all, it is so important for the children to see writing as a purposeful activity, and how lovely for them, if they receive a letter back!

A few reminders ahead of next week, the children should wear their own clothes to school on Thursday 10th December for the Christmas Merrie and on Friday 11th December everyone should come to school wearing a Christmas jumper, bringing £2 for Save the Children.  Please note school reading books will be collected in on Wednesday 9th December.

Term ends earlier in the day on Friday 11th December and naturally we have to stagger our collection arrangements.  These were sent out earlier in the term, however, just in case you haven’t seen them they are as follows:  Kindergarten and Reception at 11.30am and Years 1 and 2 at 11.40am.

As the last bulletin of the term, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful Christmas period with plenty of rest and relaxation, and hopefully with your loved ones.





Courtesy Cup and Badge recipient: Avyan (Year 2) for always displaying polite manner.


Stars of the Week:

Year 2: Arthur for always working hard and trying his best during lessons!

Year 1: Rayan for contributing to our carpet sessions by putting his hand up and waiting patiently for his turn.

Reception: Jacob for working hard learning his sight words and super reading.


Ayansh’s (Year 1) superb fundraising efforts mentioned earlier on in the term have earned him special mention at the Annual Gala Dinner and he also received a personalized book in recognition of his efforts. The funds he raised will help to educate 30 children for a whole year –  very well done!