She then took us back in time to understand the history of music notation.  We discovered St Isidore’s part in this many, many years ago when he developed a new system of writing music, using notation called ‘neumes’.  Vocal chants, the popular music the time, were written on parchment with text, and above neumes would be notated, indicating the contour of the melody. We also heard about Guido d’Arezzo of Italy who founded what is now considered the standard music stave.  Lastly, Mrs Baldwin told us about her all-time favourite, the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, explaining why he is considered the father of classical music in the 17 Century.  It felt rather like we had entered a magical musical mystery tour as we travelled through the ages and the finale of the assembly was Year 2 children accompanying Mrs Baldwin as she played Bach’s Prelude in C and, I may add, what a fabulous job they did too – congratulations to our performers!

The recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge this week was Thomas (Year 1) for making a concerted effort each day to look the teachers in the eye and ask politely how they are.  Wonderful manners, well done!

and Stars of the Week to the following pupils:

Year 2: Max for taking such pride when presenting his work and for writing a super prediction about the story, “The Great Kapok Tree”.

Year 1: Finlay P for creating a brilliant, alliterative superhero during English this week.

Reception: Leilani for her lovely neat independent story writing about Rory the Lion’s adventures.

We are always thrilled to celebrate achievements out of school and this week was no exception. Very well done to Arthur (Year 1) for achieving his Rainbow Distance swimming award 5m badge and congratulations to our keen, young Year 2 rugby players who finished the season in style – in the last tournament of the season, the following received medals for their excellent efforts:  Rory, Kit, Adam, Alfred, Frank and Max.  We also congratulated Hari (Year 2) for his part in a local Charity Cake Sale in aid of the Earthquake Appeal for Turkey and Syria.  He helped to bake the cakes and set up the stall, served customers and managed the till over the morning of the cake sale last weekend at his tennis club in Thames Ditton.  They managed to raise £332 from the cake sale but overall, combined with their Justgiving page, raised a tremendous £1,456.00 in total.  What a superb achievement!

Have a super weekend.