A drama workshop led by Perform took us back in time, where we discovered so many interesting facts about this fascinating period.  Back in the classrooms, we designed shields, drew longships and generally had a lovely time crafting. Hopefully the children will have wowed you with some facts they have remembered – for example, the materials used to build the longships and where Vikings hailed from originally.

Reception’s fun didn’t stop there as they set off for Bocketts Farm on Wednesday and what a lovely time they had too, I am just sorry I could not join them.  Miss Johnston writes more about their outing in her round up of the week.  The children have completed such lovely farm related tasks this week, including ‘milking’ a cow, pretend of course, to develop that all-important concept of farm to fork – where food actually comes from!

The Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Ollie (Year 2) for being a ray of sunshine each morning, cheering up his friends and teachers with his good humour and joie de vivre!

Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Murtaza for top scientific contributions on our trip to the Living Rainforest, and for being such a kind and courteous member of Year 2.

Year 1: Tobi for excellent effort in all his school work and always showing such lovely manners to both children and staff.

Reception:  Felix for always showing enthusiasm towards his learning.

We celebrated many awards and achievements in assembly this week.  Firstly, we were thrilled to hear Hari (Year 2) has just received a distinction for his Piano Grade 1; he played a piece for us in assembly so beautifully and we were all in awe – very well done.  Many congratulations to Noah (Reception) for achieving his Learn to Swim Award Level 2. Our congratulations also to Charlie (Year 2), Rubah (Year 2) and Jimmy (Year 1) who completed their kickboxing grading assessment at Cosmic Ninjas last Saturday. Their coaches were very impressed with their confidence and discipline and the way they supported each other throughout the grading and the sparring. Rubah was awarded his white/brown belt, Charlie his white/green belt and Jimmy his white/orange belt – very well done! Jacob (Year 2) received a certificate for taking part in a WW2 Air Raid exercise which he successfully complete; it sounded so interesting.  Finally, very well done to Leilani (Reception) who has recently gained 1,000 points in doodlemaths!