Our Prize Giving and Summer Concert takes place on Thursday 6 July in the James Hall at 9.30am – we hope to see you there.  The children are working extremely hard learning their different pieces with Miss Bee and it promises to be a lovely finale to the year.  Also, please don’t forget Open Classrooms, which is on a Wednesday this time around – Wednesday 5 July – with the usual timings applying, morning Kindergarten children at 11.30am and the remainder of the School at 3.00pm.

On Monday, Year 2 spent the whole day at the Prep meeting their new form tutors as well as new classmates.  Their final transition event took place this week when they met up with Michael Uccelli, our Lead Counsellor.  During the session, he explained to the children that feeling anxious in the face of something new is perfectly normal.  Scientists have learned that some degree of stress and anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing – good stress, something now referred to now as ‘eustress’, keeps us motivated and excited about life!

The Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Alfred (Year 2) for his consistently polite manners, and for his ‘can do’ attitude to his learning.

Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Maxwell for taking such a pride in his writing; he always ensures that he makes the very best word choices, whatever the writing task!

Year 1: Anne for excellent invitation writing, remembering all her capital letters.

Reception: Cameron for consistent outstanding behaviour and attitude to learning.

If the hot weather continues into next week, the boys do not need to wear their blazers or ties to school – we intend to keep as cool as possible.

Have a super weekend.