School Council is the vehicle that not only allows the children at Hampton Pre-Prep the opportunity to proffer ideas and suggestions to enhance school life but indeed the wider community too; we do this by supporting the children’s chosen charities. Two children from each class from Reception upwards, are elected by their peers to sit on the council for the term.

Elections have taken place and I am delighted to say we are very fortunate to have – Coco and Prayan (Reception), Leilani and Shreyan  (Year 1); and Aran and Alex (Year 2) sitting on School Council this term.  I am really looking forward to hearing their good ideas at the first meeting.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Jimmy (Year 2) for being kind, thoughtful and selfless.  Jimmy cares about his friends, teaching staff and his family before thinking of himself.  What incredible attributes, Jimmy!

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:  Alex for striving to do his best, particularly when writing.  A superb start to Year 2, Alex.

Year 1:  Rafe for excellent independent maths work.  What a star!

Reception: Clara for being a kind and thoughtful friend to others and always working hard.

Congratulations to Noah (Reception), who completed the Sports Generation Holiday Intensive Course – ‘he is now a beginner swimmer and can swim a little distance on his own, dive and pick up toys from deep’ – very well done!

In Year 1 we congratulated two boys – firstly, Felix for being Player of the Week for Hearts of Teddlothian and, secondly, to Harris for successfully completing his first judo grading; he has been awarded all three yellow tabs for his red belt.  Also pictured below you will see him proudly singing the Scottish national anthem in front of more than 50,000 people ahead of the Scotland v Italy game in July – what a fabulous memory for Harris for years to come!

A quick reminder that Reading Information takes place next Thursday (28 September) in your child’s classroom at 6.30pm.