Thursday is our day for celebrating achievements both in and out of school and so yesterday looked back on the outstanding achievements of several black female sports women from the past, in different sporting disciplines; this included amongst others Kare Adenegan, BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2018, for her achievements in the Paralympics through to Wilma Rudolph, who did not let childhood polio put her off achieving her dreams in track events.  Whilst we recognised their talent, we also discussed how their successes and achievements came about through their perseverance and determination, not allowing setbacks along the way to put them off their stride in the least – fabulous role models, we believe.

Today, Year 2 children led a fabulous assembly about the influencer Wangari Maathai, who founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977 in response to the environmental concerns raised by rural Kenyan women and later became the first Black African woman to win a Nobel Prize in 2004.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Kian (Year 1) for beginning every day with a cheerful “Good morning, how are you?” – such beautiful manners that make a huge difference to everyone’s day here.

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:  George for his mature approach to learning and for his polite and kind conduct throughout the school day.

Year 1:  Henry (M-J) for brilliant use of adjectives in his independent writing.

Reception: Anton for trying his best every day! Well done, Anton.

Congratulations to Tobi (Year 2) for being awarded his gold belt in Choi Kwan Do and to his classmates Charlie (Year 2), Finlay (Year 2) and Harry (Year 2) for their medals for playing in their first rugby tournament at Esher Rugby whilst representing their club Twickenham in under 7s last Sunday.  Special mention to Harry who won the player of the week trophy.  Very well done to all!

Please may I ask that you check you have your child’s correct uniform at home, a school jumper has been missing since Monday lunchtime, which was very clearly labelled – we are wondering if it has been scooped up by someone and would really appreciate everyone checking their uniform carefully this weekend – many thanks in advance,

We are very much looking forward to seeing the Open Homework projects next week but in the meantime, have a super weekend.