The phrase “PLEASE STOP IT, I DON’T LIKE IT” is what we encourage the children to use whenever they don’t like how someone else is behaving and we encourage them to seek adult support as soon as possible.

We have been delighted to have concluded the week raising money for Children in Need today – more is still come, that is, once School Council have run their book swap later this term.  We will inform you of dates/timings nearer the time.  As you know, this amazing annual event supports children and their families all over the UK, some of whom have suffered at the hands of bullies, so it seems very fitting that it was School Council’s chosen charity this term.

What a marvellous array of colourful posters we have on display in the hall, all expressing important anti-bullying messages – we have been so impressed with the creative skills demonstrated in spades.  Class winners and the overall winner will be announced in next week’s bulletin once Mr Smith has been able to view the children’s magnificent efforts but, in the meantime, a huge thank you for your support as ever.

Attention turns to Road Safety next week, which this year focuses on SPEED.  Frightening statistics are shared by the charity, BRAKE (the official supporters of the week) – five people die on UK roads every day.  A key message from them is that we all drive too fast sometimes but, every time we drive faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash – and we increase the chance of someone we love being killed or hurt on a road.  We will talk to the children about keeping safe whilst out and about, particularly when walking near or crossing busy roads.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went George (Year 2) for modelling beautiful manners to his peers, and going out of his way to be thankful and respectful.

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:  Anne for working so beautifully with her buzz partner and independently.  Keep up the great work.

Year 1:  Oscar for writing some interesting questions using careful, cursive writing, capital letters and question marks.

Reception: Krishna for his lovely piece of writing about endangered animals.

Congratulations to Aran (Year 2) who has been awarded his gold senior belt for Choi Kwang Do; Oscar and Fin (Reception) for being stars of the week at their Ninja Knights Class; and Noah (Year 1) for gaining a medal at Hearts of Teddlothian football club for trying his best and scoring three goals – very well done to all!

Have a super weekend.