As the boys have been bringing in their food bank donations, or their chocolate bars for inclusion in a special hamper of treats for someone, I have made sure to remind them that the person who will eat the food they have kindly donated will never know it has come from them but that does not matter. Being prepared to consider others much less fortunate than ourselves, especially at this time of year, and to do something practical about it will always be important.


Charlie Frank in Year 4 deserves a special mention in this respect. Some months ago, as part of his L.I.O.N. Award, Charlie decided – whilst remaining carefully within current government restrictions – that he wished to organise and collect food bank donations for the Greenwood Community Centre in Hampton. He sent out posters to his neighbours on his street and managed to collect over 200 items to donate! I think this is truly marvellous, and goes some considerable way above and beyond the remit of the L.I.O.N. Award, as Charlie chose to try and accomplish even more than what was set out for him.