I very much enjoyed introducing the theme of ‘disagreement’ to the boys on Thursday.  I was very proud of (but not surprised by) the boys’ insightful contributions to my assembly, particularly those from Year 3, who watched the assembly in person in the James Hall whilst other Year group bubbles tuned in live on MS Teams from their classrooms. This arrangement, which is in line with our approach to maintaining the boys in the Prep in Year group bubbles, will continue for the foreseeable future.


After some exploration of what disagreements might look like, the Year 3 boys were not fooled into believing that only something bad will ever arise out of differing opinions. They cleverly reminded me that ‘no one is perfect’ and ‘it would be boring if everyone thought the same’. I agreed with them as I demonstrated this point through the lens of two famous German brothers who went their separate ways in business, after several disagreements, resulting in something very positive that gives us – in one element of our lives – the opportunity to be different.  Please do ask your boys over the weekend who the brothers in question were, and what they have already considered as far as disagreements are concerned.