Mrs James invited a former pupil of hers who is a professional basketball player to share in a really inventive way her experiences of overcoming adversity with the boys. Danielle Hamilton-Carter represents Sweden internationally but is playing basketball professionally fulltime in Europe and the USA. Via some pre-recorded audio and video material that Mrs James had gone to all the trouble of bringing together, Danielle shared with us how she as a professional sports woman, has encountered adversity in many shapes and forms from losses on the court, having to quickly establish herself in a new country with a new team to how she managed to bounce back when she found out she would not be representing her beloved home country of Sweden in the Olympics.


Danielle emphasised that it is not just about the goal, but about the journey there, that you have to remember why you love your sport and the reason you play it and that how you behave off the court will have a huge impact on your reputation on the court. Important life lessons for us all! In the summer we have already arranged a live online Q&A session with Danielle for the Year 6 boys as part of their exciting Leavers’ Programme.