We also used this opportunity to remind the Year 6 boys how important it is to us here that, next term as results and senior school offers firm up, they remember to congratulate each other on doing their personal best. We do not crow, boast or show off at this School – there is no place for that here – but we do tell our friends how proud we are of their efforts and we endeavour to remain modestly and humbly proud of our own.


Mrs Lutz very neatly summed up what ‘ambition’ means to her in her assembly. She shared with us how, in her opinion, ambition is all about:


  • Focussing on a long-term goal.
  • In part, it is also about desire, for example looking at the mountain and feeling what it would be like to be at the top.
  • Ambition requires us to conceive a plan to get to the top and then take the necessary steps to get yourself there.


Mr Henderson and the boys in 3H picked these ideas up in their assembly and rounded off an excellent week looking at and thinking about ‘ambition’ by re-telling in their own inimitable style the famous story of the ‘The Little Blue Engine’. I remember this story so fondly and so well from listening to it on the radio on Sunday mornings with a dearly loved aunt of mine when I was little. It was, personally, a great treat to be transported back to my childhood and naturally the boys’ summary of the main message from that story was not lost on any of us. The little engine definitely ‘knew she could’ save the day, with a combination of self-belief, a strong will and focussed tenacity, all qualities we are constantly aiming to cement in the boys here!