I repeated that message in my Pre-Prep assembly on Thursday. Mr Elliott, Miss Randazzo and Mr Ruse, our excellent Gap Year Teaching Assistants added to the exploration of our theme with their joyful and wonderfully presented assembly in the Prep on Wednesday. We know when faced with challenging academic material, or when trying to remember all the right notes in an instrumental lesson or who to pass the ball to during a particularly challenging sequence of play in a rugby match it can all become a bit overwhelming at times. The very high expectations we hold for everyone at our school have been conveyed loudly and clearly this week. I have spent some time talking to individual pupils on an ad hoc basis about their sense of self-belief. I have to say, I have been bowled over by their positivity and optimism. We have a few good months of hard work to cover yet but I am delighted with how I know everyone is keen to get on with it all here.