The Year 6 Friendship Champions will make things happen: they will organise, communicate and get involved in activities at breaks and lunch times, by supporting boys in the younger years at the Prep to develop good friendships and healthy active lifestyles. Specific tasks will include:


  • Being role models for other boys across the school
  • Leading others in a range of games and activities
  • The Friendship Champions will be ‘on duty’ on the playground in small groups on different days and they may help to give out and monitor play equipment.
  • Develop sports leadership and coaching skills


We will also extend the scheme to the Pre-Prep too, as we were able to last summer. The boys were delighted with the task of leading the Year 2 children in a variety of sporting and team building activities last June. Through a range of theoretical and practical activities, the Year 6 Friendship Champions will learn the essential skills of leadership.  Communication, organisation and motivation will be key and naturally one of the aims of the scheme is for the Year 6 boys to grow in confidence and self-belief. Can we please ask parents of boys in Year 6 now to discuss the scheme at home this weekend and speak to me as soon as possible? Places are not limited to any set number of boys in Year 6 and of course, this will be a terrific aspect of school leadership in action for the Year 6 boys to raise when not only speaking to staff at Senior Schools this year, but also when they reach Year 7 in a year’s time!