In my assemblies on Mondays henceforth I shall set each week’s new HMCC, and the boys will have the remaining days of the week to set their minds to it and aim to accomplish it. All evidence provided of the challenge having been undertaken will earn each boy an Excellence Point (maybe two!) which of course will go towards his House total for the half term.


The very first HMCC is for each boy in the Prep, should he so wish, to behave in a terribly old-fashioned manner and, on a piece of paper (using an actual pen) write (and post) me an actual letter, to arrive here at the Prep. The instructions are set as a task for them all on CENTURY. The deadline for receipt of the letters is next Friday 15 January, so they might need to be written and posted by Tuesday/Wednesday?


I would be delighted if each letter explained/contained:

  1. What each boy’s best Christmas gift was (I am hoping they have been lucky enough to get some?)
  2. A very silly (very funny!) joke, some of which I will aim to publish in the Bulletin next week.
  3. A question he would like to ask me, or indeed anyone else here on the staff (I will pass them on if they are not for me).


I do hope the boys will enjoy some time quietly thinking about what to write and then equally enjoy putting their thoughts down on paper for me. It would cheer me up immeasurably to receive their letters here next week!