The U11 As were also in action on Friday, at the ISFA Middlesex and Herts regional tournament, held at Aldenham School. It’s a big national tournament so the stakes were high! The boys started at a good pace, working hard and playing some physical teams.  Their effort and teamwork resulted in them heading towards the top of the group. However, they needed at least a draw in their next match to proceed to the next round. It was a nail-biting game. The opposition went ahead in the first few minutes. Hampton stuck with it and clawed their way back to a draw. This would have seen them through to the next round. However, the opposition sneaked two goals and Hampton Prep were out. A big well done to all the boys who took part.


And with that we are halfway through the season and it’s been a busy half. A big well done to all their boys on their progress. I wish them all a happy break.



House spirit was in full flow today, warming the atmosphere on a cool afternoon. It was back to House football as it should be, mixed year groups more teams meant more opportunity for everyone to play as much as possible and the boys made the most of it. They played their hearts out for their houses and they should rightly be proud of they performed on the pitch. I saw great teamwork, communication and passion from the balls and it was a pleasure to witness. As the scores came in  it was clear that once again, this house competition was going to be a tight affair. In the end there was only two points in it and those two points belonged to Lancaster. A big congratulations to them and tough luck to York who came so close.

House Lunch