Through careful deliberation, one boy from each Year group and each House was voted in to represent their House at the FINAL!

At the final, we welcomed Mrs Catherine Rigby, who is the Head of English at Hampton, to adjudicate the competition. Mrs Rigby was bowled over by the standard of poetry that was being performed and the professional performance each of the finalists put together. This made judging winners extremely difficult! We were particularly grateful to Mrs Rigby for evaluating each of the finalists so carefully and deciding who the overall winners of each Year group were:

Year 6 – Joseph Beim (Lancaster)

Year 5 – Theo Rainey (Lancaster)

Year 4 – Aydin Dada (York)

Year 3 – Francis Gasmena (Tudor)

Year 2 – Jacob Rashid (Windsor)

Therefore, making the overall winning house… Lancaster! Congratulations to all the winners and to Lancaster house too!

A huge thank you to our Year 6 musicians, who offered a fantastic musical interlude during the competition. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into practising to make the event extra special.