On 12 March Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep hosted the annual JTA seminar. Eight schools joined us on a very wet and overcast day. Despite the damp weather we managed to carry out all our scheduled activities. Richmond Borough Council opened the activities by welcoming the schools to the seminar. Four carousels were organised, allowing for a variety of activities. Adam from Birdie Bikes gave a talk on the sustainable benefits of riding bikes.

The children were taught how to repair a punctured tyre and the process of changing and inflating a tyre after the repair. All the participants were kindly gifted with a puncture repair kit. During the Park and Stride carousel, the children spoke about the benefits of walking and why choosing to park a little way away from the school helps to ease congestion and is kinder to the environment. At the scooter training carousel, the children enjoyed getting some exercise while learning about the benefits of scooting.

Following a discussion around the importance of safety, they practised their scooting skills while having a great deal of fun. The increased challenge was brought about by the introduction of a stop sign. At the poster-making activity, the children enjoyed expressing their creativity while learning about road safety and how different ways of transport, besides cars, can benefit our health and enrich our school environment.