Art and craft activities similarly followed the theme, and we created goat faces using paint, paper and collage materials. We created the bridge scene from the story using multimedia and had fun telling the story as we placed the characters on the story board. We also made Billy Goat masks to use as a prop for our ‘trip trapping’! Another star challenge that we did was to create our own trolls using the playdough and a variety of collage such as feathers, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, matchsticks and pompoms.

There was lots of excitement on Thursday as we celebrated World Book Day. The children loved coming to school dressed as a book character and we had a lovely day of making book marks and reading the books they brought into school.

There have been lots of circle times this week, discussing the words ‘kindness’ and ‘respect’. We talked about why and how we show kindness and respect to our friends, teachers, parents and siblings. We show respect by listening to everyone first time and show kindness through our kind words and kind hands.

Our topic next week is Spring.