Kindergarten have been looking at the signs of Spring. The first being the appearance of snowdrops and we then talked about the many different spring flowers such as, daffodils, tulips and crocuses, as well as the beautiful blossom that is now appearing on the tree that we have seen on our way to school and on walks in the park at the weekends.  We also discussed new life at springtime, discovering that at this time of year many insects and animals awake from hibernation and young animals, such as chicks, goslings, ducklings, lambs, rabbits are born, bringing with them the new cycle of life.

We had great fun using paint and broccoli to create our own blossom trees. Our classroom smelt of Spring when we became still life artists. We painted detailed pictures of yellow daffodils looking very carefully at the stems, leaves and the shape of the petals; we noticed that each daffodil had six petals. We also learned about the four stages of the flower life cycle, from seed to flower.

Circle time discussions have once again focused on the importance of ‘listening first time’. We talked about how to keep safe and how this means it is imperative we listen first time to adults in school as we never know when there might be an emergency –  quite simply, if we don’t listen carefully then we cannot keep as safe as we should. On this note, we also spoke about the importance of first time listening at home time and mostly importantly staying with the adults who collect us school.  Please do help us in this respect by insisting that your child stays close to you at all times on collection from school.

Our topic next week is Easter.