Drinking lots of water to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated – just like our beanstalks – is just as important, making our bodies function properly.  We also revisited how we need to keep our teeth healthy and how important it is to brush our teeth every day.

There was lots of excitement on Thursday as we made our very own healthy snack; ‘Rainbow Vegetable Savoury Muffins’. We busily chopped and diced the vegetables, grated the cheese, weighed out the flour, measured the milk and cracked the eggs, before combining all of the ingredients and putting it in to the muffin cases, ready to bake for 20 minutes; they smelt delicious and we couldn’t wait until we could eat them.

We also found out lots of facts about plants that we eat, we were amazed to learn that the amount of leaves that an onion has when growing out of the ground is actually how many layers the onions has inside! We were also amazed to learn that the marks on the pineapple rind were once flowers when the pineapple was growing, the flowers fall off leaving a tiny little leaf known as the multiple fruit.

Our topic next week is Rainbow Fish.