‘We may all be different fish but, in this class, we swim together’ was the title of our circle time discussion. We talked about how we are all good at different things and how sometimes we find things trickier than our friends. In our circle, turning to the friend next to us, we told them what we thought they were good at and what makes them special.

In expressive arts and design, we have been busy making our own rainbow fish by painting paper plates blue and decorating them with lots and lots of different colours. We also experimented with needlework, sewing a felt fish with wool and then stuffing it with filling to make a cuddly toy fish!

We talked about the three primary colours and, in a tuff tray, had a bucket of red, blue and yellow food colouring mixed with water, then using pipettes we had great fun mixing the colours on white trays to see how many other colours we could make. We also carried out a colour science investigation using skittle sweets – there were squeals of delight and excitement as the warm water coated the different coloured sweets, resulting in a colourful rainbow in the middle of the plate.

The highlight of the week, however, was baking our fish biscuits and decorating them with blue icing and lots of coloured sprinkles.

Our topic next week is Superheroes.