We discussed how it is important to show kindness and care towards others, even though the other person may have been unkind in the first place. We talked about the many real-life heroes who help us in our community, such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors and dentists.

On Thursday, we came into class with a message from the Evil Pea. Great excitement followed as we worked as a team with our magnifying glasses and binoculars to find him, that is, before he could cause any trouble in our classroom. Luckily, he was spotted, captured and returned to the freezer, “some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason”! Using Lego, we got very creative as we built a ‘jail’ for the evil pea – mwah ha ha ha ha!

More pea activity ensued as we used tweezers to carefully pick up and place real peas into the holes of the Numicon – and all completed without squashing them.

We carried out a magnetic superhero experiment by colouring and cutting out a picture of our chosen superhero and we then stuck a paperclip onto the back. Using a magnet, we made our hero move in circles, upwards, downwards, backwards and they even ‘flew’ across laminated scenery. Finally, we watched Mr and Mrs Super Balloon fly around our classroom, do ask your child what happened!

On Friday our ‘headquarters’ classroom was full of superpowers as the children ‘transformed’ into superheroes and real-life heroes. There were lots of discussions and comparisons of the different powers that they had and how each helped either people or animals.

Our topic after half term is ‘Bees’.