We have experimented with colour mixing, using the primary colours: red, blue and yellow –  we had great fun using cotton buds to mix them up to create secondary colours.

As a group, we made ‘space jelly’. First, we needed to weigh out 200g of jelly crystals and then we measured out 2 pints of boiling water and carefully Mrs Tomkins mixed it together until the crystals melted. Then came the exciting part, we added space dust gently into the mix and watched how it swirled into the red jelly. We thought it looked more like the red planet Mars! We then needed to work out how we could make this jelly liquid turn into a solid, we agreed it needed to go somewhere cold and decided the fridge would be the best place. We were very excited to find that our plan worked – the liquid turned into more of a wobbly jelly solid!

We also brought some solid ice from our playtime into our classroom and watched as it transformed into water, which is a liquid.

We continue our Space topic next week.