Talking about the many different minibeasts that we may find in our garden or in the park, we found out that insects have 6 legs and minibeasts have no backbone! We enjoyed learning the correct names of the insect’s body parts such as the thorax and abdomen.

We carried out a sticky investigation to find out why spider webs are sticky in order to catch their prey but the spiders do not stick to their own webs. Ask us what happened!

We had fun painting an egg cartoon and adding details to transform them into models of the hungry caterpillar.

We got stitching this week as we made felt butterflies and then used lots of sparkly collage to decorate them. They look beautiful hanging up in our window.

In maths, using the paint sticks we had to finish the coloured repeated pattern on the caterpillar.

Imagine the excitement as ‘live’ class caterpillars arrived on Monday. Using magnifying glasses, we carefully looked very closely at how they moved and climbed to the top of their enclosure, almost hanging upside down! They are currently eating their food and are getting “bigger”, “fatter” and “longer” by the day. We wonder when they are going to build their cocoon!

Finally, there was lots of discussion about why we have Father’s Day and during our circle time we each said why our Daddy was special, “He plays with me”, “He takes me to the park” and “We play board games together” were just a few of the children’s lovely comments. We enjoyed using a potato and paint to create our ‘bee-autiful’ Father’s Day cards and finished painting and decorating our salt dough bees.

Our topic next week is Transport.