We looked at many different types of transport and how they travel. We looked at how they move differently by air, road, track and water. There were discussions about which modes of transport we have travelled by – and trains and boats were firm favourites! We also looked at how hot air balloons need heat to travel and that some buses are electric and need charging.

Using 2D shapes, we recreated a steam train picture made with just shapes. We needed to carefully place the shapes in the correct position so that they represented the model presented.  After revisiting our 3D shapes, we had fun looking at objects in our classroom that were actual 3D shapes such as our water bottles are cylinders, cereal boxes are cuboids and a die is a cube. We also learned that some names of objects have the 3D shape names in them, such as ice cube, traffic cone and ice-cream cone.

We have had lots of fun in our garden with the water play and using ‘magic paint’ on the walls. We also had great fun using the very large boxes in our play, from drawing, building houses and making a bed! We used these skills on a smaller scale by using the junk modelling resources to create our own mode of transport.

Finally, we have recapped on road safety in preparation for our school trip next week.

We continue our transport topic next week.