Thomas and his Mummy wrote us some words to wish us a happy new year. We decided to try writing some numbers in Chinese using charcoal, too. We also made Chinese lanterns, drums and lucky money wallets, as well as some fearsome 2D dragons.  We searched for information about Chinese New Year on the computer and learned that red is a very lucky colour and gold means wealth. We watched some amazing video clips of the dragon dance and the lion dance.

To finish our celebrational and very busy week, we cooked some rice noodles. First, we observed, touched and smelt the noodles before they went in to the boiling water – we noticed how different they were once they came out of the pan. We tried the yummy noodles along with some delicious prawn crackers.

Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday and we read a story about a dog called Buddy who helped his owner Ben stay safe when he was on his tablet.  Along the way, we discussed the importance of keeping safe online – for example, never download or click onto something that’s unfamiliar and ALWAYS tell a grown up if something different pops up.  We sang a song called ‘ask a grown up’ and by singing this catchy number we remembered how to stay safe online.