On the interactive whiteboard, we completed a program called 2 Paint. Using the different tools, brushes and colours we ‘had a go’ at designing a house for the three little pigs and then had to type our name on the bottom of it using the keyboard.


Great excitement ensued on Monday as we celebrated a belated Pancake Day. We talked about why Shrove Tuesday is celebrated and the fact that some people give up their favourite things for Lent. Some of the children spoke about what they are giving up or how they are going to be extra kind and helpful.  Together, we carefully weighed out the flour, measured out the soya milk, baking powder and vanilla essence before we whisked it all together to form a batter. Chef Tomkins took charge of cooking. Then came the difficult decision, what to choose for topping for our pancakes – choices included lemon, sugar, honey and golden syrup. Yummy, we wished we could have pancakes every day!

Our fairy tale next week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears