Great excitement ensued on Wednesday as we carried out a science investigation, putting gummy bears in a jar of water for four days. Before we put them in the water, we held them up to the window to see how much light shone through. We also looked at how big the bears were and decided that they were “tiny”, “teeny”, “very small” as well as “squishy”. We made some predictions about what we thought might happen to the bears and cannot wait until Monday to see if our predictions come true!

We had fun playing with, and measuring, porridge oats in the tuff tray and pretending to make porridge just like in the story. On Friday, Chef Tomkins made us the real ‘three bears’ porridge’. We watched as the porridge oats were measured and put into a saucepan before water was added. We noticed the steam coming from the saucepan so we knew it would be hot. We then had a very difficult decision to make – what to choose as our porridge topping, it was between jam, honey or sugar!

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day in our cosy pyjamas and talked about how much fun it would be if we could wear them every day. We had great fun reading lots of different stories, making books and book marks, as well as acting out stories with our cuddly toys.

Our fairy tale next week is The Three Billy Goats.