Our classroom smelt of Spring when we became still life artists. We painted detailed pictures of yellow daffodils and pink tulips, looking very carefully at the stems and leaves and at the shape of the petals. There were many spring activities to choose from, such as cutting, Easter baskets and measuring sunflowers too.

We continued our measuring activities, using the Unifix bricks, and have been extremely busy measuring our toys and friends!

Towards the end of the week another dinosaur joined our class. His name is ‘Kindosarus’ and he is teaching us to be kind to our friends, both in word and action. We are working very hard to be just like him!

Feelings were at the forefront of our minds when we read the story, ‘Tiger has a Tantrum’.  We discussed feeling ‘angry’ and spoke about how different things make different people angry or cross. However, it is okay to feel angry and frustrated when things are not going the way we want them to but we need to tell our grown up or friends when we are feeling like this so that they can be a ‘Kindosarus’ to us. We also talked about how if we have upset our friends or grownups, it is very important to say sorry to them as this can help make them feel better. As a group we discussed what we could do when we feel angry and  came up with some strategies; “hold five fingers up and ‘blow the candles’ out”, “take yourself out” and say “can I have that toy after you?”.

Our topic next week is Easter.