Following our Jack and the Beanstalk topic last week, we planted some beans. We each had to help fill the huge pot with soil and then carefully planted our beans before our breaktime helper watered it. We hope our beanstalk gets as tall as Jack’s!

We found out all about the lifecycle of sunflowers by reading ‘A seed in need’ by Sam Godwin. We are carrying out another investigation as we ‘planted’ our sunflower seeds in damp cotton wool and placed them in clear plastic bags – we have hung these bags on a line in our window and look forward to seeing the roots and shoots growing.

In art, we created natural sculptures of sunflowers, using pipe cleaners, beans, lentils and seeds. These were then photographed, and displayed in our classroom.

As today is St. George’s Day, we discovered all about our patron saint and how he slayed the dragon to save the princess. We then made our very own flags complete with red cross and cut out dragons.

Our topic next week is farm animals.