Using the globe, we located the United Kingdom and then looked at how far away Africa is.   Using the computer and iPad, we found out what kind of animals live in the continent of Africa. This progressed into discussions about what groups of different animals are called. We discovered the following collective nouns for safari animals: ‘a troop of monkeys’, ‘a congregation of alligators’, ‘a herd of elephants’, ‘a pride of lions’, ‘a tower of giraffes’ and ‘a crash of rhinos’. We also carried out a survey to find our favourite animals and then painted them. We found that elephants got the most votes!

Unfortunately, our class iPad would not let us view 3D wild animals in our classroom but maybe over the weekend you might like to meet some life-sized animals in your home?  You will need a tablet or mobile device. Type Google into the search bar. Scroll down until it says in a box “Meet a life sized (animal name) up close. Have fun!

Our topic next week is Healthy Eating.