We have had great fun playing in our role play area smoothie bar, pretending to follow the recipe cards, putting the fruit into the mixer and serving our customers their smoothie of choice but not before ringing up the total sum on our cash register!

Thursday saw us making real smoothies. Firstly, we had to make the difficult decision as to which smoothie we wanted to make. The choice was strawberry and peach, or apple and pear. Once we decided, we then needed to cut the fruit up and Mrs Tomkins put them in the blender. Once the fruit was pureed, we added either orange or apple juice and ice, and it was blended once more. Finally, we were able to drink our smoothie. There were lots of discussions about the smoothies that we enjoy making at home too.

We also painted healthy food using the 2paint computer program on the interactive whiteboard.

Finally, we have been looking at where our fruit comes from. Many, we discovered, are imported from other countries. In England, we cannot grow tropical fruits, such as mangoes, bananas or pineapples as our country is too cold but we can grow pumpkins, apples, pears and cherries!

Our topic next week is colour.