We brainstormed a list of pretend heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk to name a few, and our list just kept on growing! We then talked about the many real-life heroes that help us in our community, such as police officers, doctors and dentists.

Shrieks of delight, along with “boom” and “kapow” could be heard on Friday as the children came dressed as Superheroes – Captain Thor even arrived to drop off one of the Iron Men. We had lots of fun joining in with the Superhero Hunt, Mrs Tomkins read us a clue and we had to name and find the corresponding superhero in the front garden – we were a whizz at naming the superhero!

Next, we set about making superhero biscuits and carried out a magnetic superhero experiment. We coloured and cut out a picture of our chosen superhero and then stuck a paperclip onto the back. Using a magnet, we made our hero move in circles, upwards, downwards, backwards and they even ‘flew’  across laminated scenery. Finally, we watched Mr Super Balloon fly around our classroom, do ask your child  what happened!

Our topic after half term is Teddy Bears Picnic.