We were very much looking forward to our teddy bear’s picnic and, as you know, no picnic would be complete without a teddy or cuddly toy, so we decided to write to ours at home to formally invite them to join us. We thought hard about their names and traced over them in the cursive style.

As you’d imagine, there have been various creative activities involving multimedia and bears this week! We painted a cardboard tube and used pens and pencils to colour in a template of a bear’s head, arms and legs before sticking all the pieces together to make a 3D bear. We used split pins to make our movable teddies.

On Thursday, there was lots of excitement from us (and our teddies) as we prepared to go on our picnic. We loaded the trolley with picnic rugs, water bottles, lunches and the parachute, and then clutching our guests for the day, set off to Carlisle Park. We arrived at the park and settled our bears onto the rugs before each holding onto a handle of the enormous parachute. We played lots of fun games, our favourite one was running under the raised parachute to swap places with a friend before the parachute came down. After lots of fun. we needed a well-deserved picnic, there was lots of chatter and smiles from the children and bears alike. After our delicious lunch, we listened to some bear stories before loading the trolley with our paraphernalia to walk  back to school with our weary bears.

Our topic next week is Bees.