We have been learning all about bread this week, from field to bakery.  That is, the farmer sowing seeds to grow wheat, before this is harvested and taken to be milled into flour.  We looked very closely at some real wheat and then had a go at baking our own bread rolls.  Unlike the animals in the stories, we were all extremely helpful, carefully weighing the flour as well as all the other ingredients. Having shaped the dough into rolls, we popped them into the oven and then waited patiently for our bread to bake.  We also had fun designing and making Little Red Hens, using feathers and googly eyes to transform paper plates into little hens, which are now on display in our classroom.

We started ‘Supersonic Phonics’ this week. We read the story of ‘s’ and made the action that accompanies the sound. We had great fun ‘fishing’ items out of a feely bag and finding those beginning with ‘s’. The children then brainstormed other words with ’s’ – Sebastian, space, sausages and snake were just some of the fantastic words they thought of. As part of our phonic work, we used our scissor skills to carefully cut out a spider which we completed with funny eyes!

We also took part in STEM day on Thursday carrying out two investigations. Firstly, there was a half-filled bucket of water with a dinosaur floating on the top with a box of stones. Our mission was to see how we could get the dinosaur to the top of the bucket without touching it. We put the stones into the water and watched the water level rise, in fact, the bigger and heavier the stone, the more the water rose.  This then led us on to finding out where stones can be found and what they can be used for. For our second mission, we built a bridge using only plasticine and pasta. The bridge not only had to stand up but also had to be strong enough to hold a train; it was great fun problem-solving.

Our topic next week is The Enormous Turnip.