In maths, we made a pictogram and voted for our favourite dinosaur – guess what, Tyrannosaurus-Rex was by far the most popular, whilst Triceratops was the least favourite.  We practised our cutting skills as we made dinosaur masks and thoroughly enjoyed getting creative making some of the most colourful pieces of work ever. We also made a huge dinosaur head, using the media papier mâché.  Needless to say, it got very messy indeed!

We have a new class dinosaur friend called ‘Askaraptor’ who is teaching us to pose questions – we are working hard recognising the difference between a question and a statement.  We have worked hard being  a ‘Kindosaurus’ and ‘Shareodactyl’ this week; there have been many stickers given out in recognition of such lovely behaviour.

Autumn Festivals follows after half term when we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and the related Bonfire Night celebrations.