There have been plenty of great discussions about animals in autumn, including dormice, bumblebees and hedgehogs, all of whom are getting ready to have a very long sleep until it becomes warmer once again. We read a story about a hedgehog who was so good at sharing; he let the other animals from the forest share his hedge to hibernate in.

We have been very creative using autumnal colours this week in our activities. We made our own stained-glass autumnal leaves using tissue paper and glue.  Using cars in paint, we had great fun making track marks and we used our hands in paint to make ‘leaves’ to add to our tree display. We took enjoyment in hammering golf tees into Mrs Tomkins’ pumpkin – one grown from seed in her own garden!

Finally, we have been making the most of the autumn sun, taking our learning into the outdoors.

We continue to work hard at being a ‘Shareodactyl’ and ‘Kindosarus’; they told us that they want to see us sharing toys, ideas and tidying up with our friends and teachers. Naturally, we are very excited to find out which dinosaur will be visiting after half term.

We continue to learn the Golden Rules, focusing on ‘Do Listen to People’ – we are trying very hard at “listening first time” whether this be with our friends or teachers.

Our topic after half term is Autumn Celebrations.