We enjoyed participating in the African workshop at the beginning of the week with Kwame, who told us a traditional African story with music and songs . The story was about a leopard who tried to play a trick on Anansi the spider by hiding in his banana leaf house. Luckily, Anansi did not fall for the leopard’s trick.  We also had a go at playing the different instruments and dancing to the beat.

As Remembrance Day approached,  the children learnt about ‘Poppy day’ and the significance of wearing poppies. We watched clips of children selling poppies and found out that the money goes to the men and women who keep us safe. Poppies also help us to remember the soldiers and their families.

We cut out and made poppies assembled with split pins which we wore with pride. We also made beautiful poppies out of clay. We carefully rolled out the clay using a rolling pin and then used a cup to cut out the three circles, that were the petals. Clay is really sticky, so we joined them together to form a poppy head. We then had to let them dry which took a few days before we painted them and attached a stem.

We also made poppy collages using red and black paper and green pipe cleaners. We had great fun cutting the red and black spaghetti too.

On Thursday at 11am, we joined in with the two-minutes silence.

Finally, we have a new dinosaur friend who has joined us in Kindergarten called Stickosarus.  He says, ‘I keep trying when things get tough’ and ‘practice makes progress’ – the children are all trying to be just like him, trying hard whenever they find things tricky.


To reinforce the importance of handwashing we carried out an investigation. We ground some black pepper into a bowl of water and these were our ‘germs’, we dipped our fingers into the bowl and saw how the ‘germs’ stuck to our fingers. We spoke about how we could see these ‘germs’ as they were big but, in fact, germs are very tiny and we can’t normally see them. Next, we dipped our fingers into some liquid soap and put it back into the bowl of ‘germs’. Ask me what happened next!

Our topic next week is Shapes and Patterns.