We have been very busy writing cards and letters in ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ post office and have posted them in our class post-box. We are trying very hard at remembering to hold the pencil between our thumb and two fingers as well as writing the first letter of our name.

We had lots of fun with glitter this week as we made 3D angels, to hang up as part of our Christmas scenery and we used our hands and white paint to print snowy leaves for our winter season tree. We also used different shades of green tissue paper to create beautiful stained-glass Christmas trees.

This week, we have also been practising for our nativity and enjoyed dressing up in our costumes for our dress rehearsal; it was so lovely seeing our friends’ costumes too.

As the weather becomes colder, the children are practising putting their own coats on independently and are now trying to do their own zips up. Well done! On this note, it would be extremely helpful to have all hats, gloves and scarves clearly named.

Our topic next week is Christmas!