It has been a chilly week in class as we explored the season Winter. We read the story, ‘Henrietta’s First Winter’ by Rob Lewis. We discussed the different animals are now in ‘hibernation’ to escape the cold season.

We watched a video clip of an Eskimo making an igloo; we were very impressed at the skills and the amount of time that goes into building these.  Sheets of ice were used to make windows and a skylight. We wanted to build our own igloo but sadly there was no snow, so the next best thing was to build our own igloos using sugar cubes! There were many variations and styles in the designs and shapes of the igloos created.

This led us in to a fun and informative science investigation where, as a group, we discussed how ice begins.  Many of the children were able to tell us that water has to freeze in order to become ice.  Therefore, we did exactly this and filled some plastic cups with water and placed them in the freezer overnight to see what would happen. The next morning, we observed and discussed the changes that had occurred and used the ice in our polar small world play whilst observing the changes.  The topic gave us the opportunity to discover new words and their meanings, for example, words such as liquid, melt, solid, migrate and hibernation.

A quick plea, please could you ensure your child has a spare full set of clothes on their peg in the classroom and should your child come home in the school’s spare clothes, please do wash and return them as soon as possible.

Our topic next week is space.