Using balloons, glue and newspaper, we set about making our very own papier-mâché planets – this project will continue over this half term as we create and paint our class Solar System.  Our role-play area has been changed into a space rocket. We have had great fun pretending to be astronauts going into space visiting our favourite planets – we have also have taken activities such as stories and puzzles on our trips in the rocket!


We used paint, paper plates and pictures of the eight planets to create space mobiles, which are hanging in our classroom. We also carried out a STEM activity to see how far we could launch our rockets using a straw and paper. We loved this activity so much we wanted to extend it to ‘launching’ astronauts!

On Thursday Year 1 visited to read us their counting stories that they had written. We enjoyed listening to these great stories as well as looking at their fantastic illustrations. Well done, Year 1!

Next week we are celebrating Chinese New Year!