This week, we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the significance of 5th November. We found that Guy Fawkes was not very kind and that he certainly was not practising our Golden Rules.  Whilst looking at pictures of Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament, one child recognised this as “where the Prime Minister lives”.

Using cardboard rolls, crepe paper, mosaic squares and sparkles we made firework rockets. We used paint and pipettes to create a fantastic background for our firework display. We all tried to use describing words to imitate the noises of fireworks – for example, ‘bang’, ‘pop’ and ‘whoosh’. We watched firework displays on our whiteboard at school and in our gardens and from our windows at home, discussing and marvelling at the most amazing bright colours. Keeping safe is very important whenever we watch fireworks, we read the firework code and listened to Fireman Sam telling us how to keep safe – he spoke of the importance of standing well back, wearing gloves to handle sparklers and how vital it is to keep pets indoors.


As Remembrance Sunday approaches this weekend the children have been learning about this event and the significance of poppies. We made hand prints using red paint and assembled them together to make one big class poppy for our display ready for Wednesday.

We continue Remembrance Day as our topic next week and Diwali.