The aliens landed this week and Kindergarten received a letter together with lots of miscellaneous objects being dropped in the playground. The letter explained that whilst the aliens were flying over Planet Earth the night before, they accidentally dropped some things from their spaceship which landed in our playground. They only wanted the magnetic items returned – so we were on a mission to help our alien friends.  We used jumbo magnets and magnetic wands to identify the magnetic objects, sorting them into two groups. We then searched for more magnetic objects within our classroom, but we were very careful not to go near the computers.

We carried out a science experiment to grow our own alien. Mrs Hand blew up a balloon and we decided that our alien needed 3 eyes, a triangle nose and a circle mouth. The air was then let out of the balloon (this is called ‘deflation’). Bicarbonate of soda was put into a bottle before adding some  vinegar and finally we placed the balloon over the bottle neck and watched our alien ‘grow’.

We have also created 2D aliens using foam shapes and  googly eyes, and not forgetting their pants!

Our topic after half term is Fairy Tales.