We have been super busy in art and design this week using different medias. We made ‘peg pigs’ by painting wooden pegs and then cut out the body and head and finally added a pipe cleaner for the curly tail. We continued using our cutting skills and, along with a hole punch and split pins, made a mobile of pig characters. We have also printed and painted using Duplo bricks, sticks and straw – this was great fun! Finally, we enjoyed playing in ‘mud’ with our pigs and sticks. Our ‘mud’, however, was made using paint, water and cornflour!

Using carefully cut-out character masks, we re-enacted the story which was entertaining to say the least.  We used the puppets, sticks, a foam brick and straw to act out the story in a group. There was great delight as we joined in with the repeated refrain, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We then used these puppets to act out the story in the tuff tray with our friends.

Through the week, we have discussed the different choices of materials used by the three pigs to build their houses, agreeing that the bricks were best and that the house made of these was too strong for the wolf to blow down. We looked at the different materials around us at school, discovering how some are hard and some are soft and, using these the two categories, sorted a tray of collage materials.

Our French lessons with Mrs Leissle are the greatest of fun each Thursday morning and this week we have recapped all the words from last half term – ‘naturellement’, we were a whizz at remembering ‘très bien’!

Our topic next week is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.