Art and craft activities similarly followed the theme and we created troll faces to go under the bridge for a class display.  We also made Billy Goat masks to use as a prop for our ‘trip trapping’! There was a STEM challenge in class this week too as we had to find a way to build a bridge using Lego, magnets or bricks for the goats to stand on – we have seen some very impressive structures.


In maths, we have been looking at ‘one more than’. Using Unifix bricks we made towers, adding one more than up to 10.

We read the story, ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. We had lots of discussions about how we are all different and that it is exciting that we are all unique. We are all good at different things and we all like different things. One of the comments about the story was that the Grandparents were ‘Bad-a-sarus’!  We then talked about making good and bad choices and decided together that we can all be ‘Kindosarus’, by using kind hands and kind words with friends and teachers.