We are carrying out other investigations as we ‘planted’ pumpkin seeds in damp cotton wool and placed them in clear plastic bags – we have hung these bags on a line in our window as we know that plants, seeds and flowers need sunlight to grow. We look forward to seeing the roots and shoots growing. We also placed carrot tops onto damp cotton wool to see what would happen.

Discussions about watering plants led onto ‘how does the rain come down?’ We carried out a science investigation to see how the rain falls. In a glass jar, we squirted shaving foam on top, this was our cloud. We then used a pipet to gentle drop blue coloured water on top of the cloud. when the water/rain becomes too heavy this then fell from the clouds. We then discussed the water lifecycle!

In art, we created natural sculptures of sunflowers, using pipe cleaners, beans, lentils and seeds. These were then photographed, and displayed in our classroom.

In maths we have been focusing on measuring. Using Unifix bricks we have been measuring all sorts of objects in and out of the classroom. We also drew around our feet and used these to measure how many ‘feet’ tall we were.

Our topic next week is healthy eating.