In our tuff tray we had a bucket of red, blue, yellow and white paint, and using pipettes had great fun mixing the colours on the mats to see how many other colours we could make.

We have carried out no less than three science investigations in class. Firstly, we wanted to find out what colours are mixed to make black. We each drew a line using a black felt tip pen onto a white paper towel, this was then placed into a glass of water. We were very surprised to see that as the tissue absorbed the water different colours such as red, blue and purple started climbing to the top of the tissue.



We wanted to know how the rainbow fish scales sparkled. We decorated a picture of the fish and added ‘shiny scales’ using multicoloured glitter. We looked at it in detail and whilst we felt that it did sparkle we thought it could sparkle more. So, we put it in a box lined with black paper and shone a torch directly onto the picture; this really made the ‘shiny scales’ stand out. As a result of our findings, we discussed how the sunlight really does make the fish sparkle in the sea when it reflects on their scales.

The skittle science investigation, however, was by far our favourite! There were squeals of delight and excitement as the warm water coated the different colour sweets and it made a colourful rainbow in the middle of the plate.

Our topic next week is Superheroes.